Lost Frequency

A Novel of Sound, Speed, Power, and Greed

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Barry Swanson


Pendrell Sound Press

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The secret to complete human understanding and world peace may be as close as the ocean…It’s a technology with infinite possibilities. DJ Parker, billionaire developer of a proprietary artificial intelligence program, is on the cusp of cracking the miracle code that can usher in a new age of human progress. Amazingly, the technology is ancient, held by a group of beings that have been around for fifty million years: cetacea–species of aquatic mammals including killer whales. But Parker quickly learns he has dangerous enemies including a Russian conglomerate tied to the Kremlin which is seeking the research for its own nefarious purposes–and which will stop at nothing to get it. With DJ’s life in danger and the forces of evil seemingly everywhere, the fate of humankind is up for grabs.A page-turning philosophical thriller, « Lost Frequency » confronts animal rights, human nature, artificial intelligence, and the perils of technology turned loose.


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